The Great Exchange

October 19, 2009

Bobby came home with a new gift for Lily. We excitedly told her that we had something new for her outside and that she must come and see. In the middle of playing with her already familiar and loved toys, she doesn’t stop to come look at the new gift we have for her.
How often we too play this game in our own walk with God. “LOOK MY CHILD! COME SEE WHAT I HAVE IN STORE FOR YOU”
Too comfortable, afraid, or just plain busy we dont stop and receive the new thing God wants to give us.

Faith is an act of obedience. Every act of obedience opens up a new opportunity for us to receive more of him.


Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of heavenly lights, who does not change like sifting shadows. James 1:17


One Response to “The Great Exchange”

  1. Donna (Chalk) Anderson said

    I am so deeply blessed by your words, Brandi, I don’t want them to end. Your wisdom and shared journey brings tears of joy to my eyes. The little girl I remember searching is now a guiding beacon, illuminating the way for others in God’s grace. Lovingly Donna

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