But my kid won’t eat that…

November 18, 2009

I hear this all the time.

What’s the deal? My child is not from Mars and I don’t force feed her beets and brussel sprouts.

Here’s the Answer. Your child will eat and learn to love whatever you give them. Research shows that picky eaters have picky parents. If you don’t love raw veggies yourself what makes you think your kids will? If you snack on chips and soda how is it fair to offer them carrots and grapes? We only eat real food at our home so that’s all she knows. Does your kid’s recipe index look something like…peanut butter and jelly, hot dogs, easy Mac, cheerios, and goldfish? Well, it is because that is what they have been given. It doesn’t take long to shape little appetites, but it makes the journey very difficult because they have grown accustomed to the taste of processed foods. No wonder when you throw cauliflower in the mix, your child rejects it. It goes deeper than just taste too, most processed food breaks down into sugar in our bodies. Once the sugar level has spiked, your body wants to keep itself at the same level so your body craves more sugar to stay there. By the way, this is why your child only wants to drink juice too. Oh but it says “real fruit” on it. That’s great, whatever that means, but the fact is they have to pasteurize it to keep it on the shelf which strips all the nutrients away and what’s left…sugar overload. Besides, do you know how many apples it takes to make a cup full of juice? We are not meant to eat 8 apples at one sitting.

Try it. Take your child off all processed food for one month. Serve only whole food and a variety of it. Get creative and finds ways to change things up a bit so you will all enjoy. Make sure water is your dominant beverage with the exception of homemade veggie/fruit juice (my Jack Lalanne Power Juicer is my favorite kitchen gadget) It may be a challenge at first, but it’s worth it. Do you want your child to maxamize their potential? Then give them the gift of life-their health.

Check out http://www.theworldshealthiestfoods.com for quick and; delicious ways to serve any veggie, and
www.http://blog.superhealthykids.com for creative ways to encourage your little ones to eat healthy.

Buy the Great Physician’s Rx for children’s health by Jordan Rubin. It contains awesome insight and has great family recipe ideas.

Teach discipline to your child, for in that there is hope. Do not be a willing party to his death. Proverbs 19:18


2 Responses to “But my kid won’t eat that…”

  1. Mom said

    A wise woman builds her house, and you have done just
    that. It takes time,discipline and courage in this day and time to make the effort to train a child. You and Bobby live it, so she knows nothing else, way to go! She is blessed and healthy as a result! Most people go threw life, hating the thought of “giving something up”, but it is quiet the opposite, on the contrary, I say, just add or replace the old with new. I encourage all Moms to babystep your way into new recipes, food and grocery shopping. Little by little, you and your family will reap extreme rewards. Hats off to my daughter, who is relentless for God and her family.

  2. Jenny B said

    I agree with you, “Mom”. I wish I had been a better steward of my children’s health when they were small. They’re grown and its up to them now!

    Brandi, you have a great way of communicating these truths without alienating people or making them feel guilty. Keep walking in that – God has gifted you to bring glory to Him and be a blessing to others.

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