Is He the reason for the season?

December 8, 2009

Doesn’t it seem during this season there is more temptation than ever to stay busy? “Busyness” is one of the greatest ways the enemy works in our lives. I decided to lay low this year and asked God how he felt about Christmas. He asked me some good questions I thought I would share …

What is it that you love about this time of year?

What are you celebrating and why?

What is the purpose of the “events” and who gets the glory from them?

Why do you buy gifts?

What are the decorations for?

What is Santa Clause all about?

Was it a joyful season then and is it now?

Do you think this season brings me glory or grieves my spirit?

Remember Jesus told us to abide, not to stay busy. My prayer for myself and all of his children is that we would ask Him to lead us in this season and the entire year. Let’s look at our life, and our schedules, and ask ourselves why we do what we do? Are our traditions His or our own? Do they bring Him glory? Is He the reason?


One Response to “Is He the reason for the season?”

  1. Renee said

    Brandi! I love this! Thank-you for sharing it. I have tears streaming down my face to see the photos and read your beautiful writings. You are so gifted! Don’t go to Colorado…stay close! LOL. Just kidding. I know God wants you all to move there and is giving you the desires of your hearts! You are a beautiful family and it is so encouraging to get to know you and see your faith in action. Thank-you again for sharing this. I love you!

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