God Gave Us Coffee

December 19, 2009

I have decided there are three things necessary for me to “get going” each day.

God, Exercise, and Coffee.

I have found that if I take time to nurture myself, it makes the rest of the day easier and much more enjoyable.

Yes this means getting up before my little ones, but it’s so worth it! Sometimes just getting out of bed feels impossible, but once I am up and in the presence of my sustainer and best friend I have long forgotten the pain.

I love to get on the floor and stretch while I pray. This physical-mental-spiritual stimulation is a winning combo. Then I am awake enough to read my bible and not fall asleep (That is with my coffee in hand).

When my girls awake, I am filled, energized, and ready to embrace the day!

Now because I am a health advocate I have to say two things…
First, God gave us the coffee bean. Buy it organic (unpolluted) and don’t put poison in it!
Second, when we wake our bodies are dehydrated, so always drink at least 8oz of water before your coffee šŸ™‚

Hope you got to see this too..



2 Responses to “God Gave Us Coffee”

  1. Suzy Stark said

    AMEN sister!!!! I like my coffee with pure local honey, cinnamom, and lactade milk. YUMMY! What kind of organic coffee do you drink? Mine gives me gas! Ouch! lol

    • Hey girl one of my new favorites is Chelba from “Its a grind” by our house. It is a organic Ethopian blend-so good! Other favs are “Allergro” and “Jims” You can find at Kroger by our house ( they have a good selection ) or any health food store.
      We still on for tomorrow?

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