The Paintbrush

March 16, 2010

I have been asking the Lord to show and reveal more of Himself to me. I want to really know His creative heart. I want to enjoy what He enjoys, and to experience what brings Him joy.
I had no idea He would use a paintbrush to teach me.

I am not naturally a gifted artist, but I have always had a fascination and desire to paint. He reminded me of this while sitting in a room of artists painting in the spirit. I looked around wondering why am I here?
“You asked” the Lord replied.

He was right! Not only had I told Him many years ago that I wanted to paint, but I have been praying and asking Him to grow me in the gifts of the prophetic. I am blessed to be part of a church that operates in all the gifts of the Spirit, and I have experienced the encouragment that prophetic words bring. My desire in operation of this gift is to grow and exhort others the same.

Who knew it would be through a paintbrush?
Yes, as I sat frozen before the canvas – shaking in fear – I asked Him “What do I do, what will I paint, and what will it mean?” Especially for someone I have never met. I do not even know the person’s name. “What if I am prophetically wrong?”

I waited, and then I prayed.
“I trust you Lord. You do this, not me.”

Like words that have been spoken from heaven, through the lips of a stranger, came a word picture, a piece of art that ministered to the spirit of a woman I did not know. Again and again, He speaks – He paints – He blesses – He heals – He creates! Our God is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

What an honor it has been for me to pray and paint for others. It is giving words of life from our Father. The joy of going deeper with Him has not only grown my faith, but I have truly come to know His heart toward His children. He loves us all widely, and longs for us to experience real freedom in Him.

The journey in knowing my Father has only just begun. I will never stop seeking after ALL of Him in everway. It is more fun each and every day.

I have come to realize that painting is just a picture of our walk with Christ. We are the canvas. He is the master artist. What we do with His artwork is up to us.


Our new view

March 4, 2010

I was to busy soaking it in to think about taking pictures but here are a just a few….

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No keeping up with the Jones, no interstates,
no winter coats ( I promise its warmer than Atlanta ),
no chain restaurants, no traffic, no smog & no one’s in a hurry.

We literally can ride our bikes to the office, grow our own veggies,hike national forest trails from our backyard, be at the top of the ski lift in 20 minutes,
& walk to natural hot springs.

When God places something in your heart GO WITH IT! It is far greater than anything you could ever ask for or imagine.