To be beautiful

May 19, 2010

What is beauty? For years I had it all backwards. I spent much of my time both consciously and subconsciously striving to be what I thought was beautiful. Now I am learning to live in the beauty that is already within me. What is it I want to offer my husband, my daughters, my friends, and this world? What is the message I want to portray, the presence I want to impart, the legacy I want to leave?

As a mother of two young girls my prayer for them is to grow into beautiful young women. Not beauty as the world defines, but really beautiful women that are free to offer their feminity from a heart that is at rest.
Have you ever been around this kind of women? A woman that draws you to rest in God. She is a rare treasure, a diamond in the rough. Circumstances do not define this woman. It is an internal beauty that comes from her intimacy with God. This is the legacy I will chose to leave.

Our Colorado Princess 🙂


The Dream

May 5, 2010

I am sitting here in my new place soaking in the extradionary view and reflecting on what the Lord has just done. He said if you have the faith of a mustard seed, it can move mountains – so I believed, and He did.
I knew from the time I was young, I would never be satisfied with a mediocre life. I knew God had a great plan for me, but I wasn’t quite sure I deserved it or would be able to achieve anything substantial on my own. I did the church thing, I served, I held bible studies, I prayed with my husband. I did all that good stuff, but I always knew deep down there was more.. and I wanted more.

So I asked God for it.

He then led me on an unexpected journey of deep inner healing. That was no fun and certainly not the dream I was asking for. Yet, through the process, I began to understand that the healing was the beginning of something greater that He wanted to give me. Through humble moments of churning on the potter’s wheel, I was able to see how desperate I was for Jesus. All of Him, more of Him.

So I asked.

Hello, Holy Spirit. My world exploded, and I began to see that “My kingdom come, My will be done,” took on a whole new meaning. Welcome, heart of God.
Life and love – not sin management.
Oh, Freedom. Delight, enjoyment, intimacy with the Father.
I am not a wretched sinner, but rather a daughter of God.
A royal priesthood.

Know who you are, take your rightful place.

Welcome life – and life abundantly.

Hello, Freedom.

Unspeakable joy.

Unshakable peace.

Thank you.

He said I did because you asked.

So my charge to you in writing this is that…

There is more.

Life with Jesus is not about being a “good Christian”.

It is not about obedience, service, or work.

Let me say that again. It is not about work.

Life with Jesus is the most incredible, passionately wild romance and adventure that you could ever dream about in the natural.

It is a supernatural life, if you will receive it.

It is glorious.

It is every passion of your heart, and more is coming true before your eyes in every moment.

It is so real.

It is powerful.

It is not easy.

It is not the popular way.

You will lose some.

You will offend many.

You will be humbled.

You will be exalted.

You will be shaken…
But, never forsaken.

Some want it, but are too scared to pay the price.

Yet there are a few that contain this fire inside and are burning with the heart of God to change the world. They will never be silenced. They live outside of themselves, and want more than average Christianity at its best.

Who will live the dream?

I have come that you may have life, and have it more abundantly. John 10:10