First Fruit

July 9, 2010

Moving to a new climate where wild life abounds made me a wee bit weary about starting a garden. I opted for some experimental container gardening. I started with an assortment of random pots and decided to try growing a variety of food from cauliflower to zucchini (which neither seem to be happy in their pots). I am finally seeing some tomatoes arrive and my herbs smell great and are used daily in my kitchen…but the Swiss chard, oh my! It sprang up and up and up. Gardening is beautiful and delicious, and the best part is the satisfaction I feel from the planting effort and the waiting – it arrived!

So what does this have to do with living and loving? Well, around the same time my chard harvest began, so did the harvest in my home.

Since Lily was a baby, Bobby and I have been reading the Word to her, praying over her, and doing our best to model and teach her scripture and of God’s heart toward her.

After a season of her ‘testing her boundaries,’ I was worn out and thought I was losing the battle. Then one day as she tried to climb the playground wall, “all by myself”, I heard her say under her breath “I can do all things through Christ” and she scaled that wall.
“Daddy don’t worry there is no fear in love, God is always with us. I can trust him! Then when her ‘boo boo’ was just too much to bear, she said, “Mommy pray for me and God will heal me.” Another time she said, “Mommy do you need me to pray for you?” “Let’s worship Him for he is so good.” “There is a big spider but I do not have to be afraid.” “Dakota treat others the way you want to be treated.” “Let’s be gentle at all times.” “I am free” ….and the list goes on. My heart soars with joy because she is three and the truth is penetrating her mind and thoughts! Her heart is beaming with the freedom and love that I have just discovered in my 20’s. How incredible, her life will be built on the truth and the love from her Creator.

We toss out seeds not knowing how they will be received. Some may fall on fertile soil, others may be choked up. Remember that the Sheppard goes back for one lost sheep, and so the Gardener, day after day, until the harvest time has come.