I wanna hold you

February 9, 2010

I hear these words everyday, all day. With the arrival of a new baby sister, Lily has decided she too wants to be held like a baby, nursed, and carried again. At first, this really annoyed me. I had become aclimated to her independence, and already had my hands full.
One day, the Lord spoke to my heart and said “I have never told you no when you wanted me to hold you, to nurse you, or to carry you. Rather, I delight in our sweet moments together, no matter what the motive.”
He reminded me that “Lily will not ask this of you for long, and before you know it she will be too big to hold all together.”
I have learned to carry Dakota (I love my sling) and pick up Lily with the other hand. I give her the affection she is longing for, and then she hops down on her own to play. If I am nursing, I make room for her to crawl up in my lap with her water or smoothie. I take the time during Dakota’s morning nap to play and be with Lily — one on one. I have no idea how this will look as we have more children, but I guess I will learn as I go. The most important thing I can offer them now is to know they are loved by us, and by God. If I want them to learn to love one another and others well, I must lead by example.
Now when I am holding D, Lily says “I wanna hold you both of your girls.”
If the Lord can hold all his children all at once, I can hold my two.

Bobby took this way to early 🙂