Her name means Friend and Forever Smiling...it could not be more true!

One Response to “Dakota Abigail”

  1. Mom said

    Darling Dakota,
    These are the words I wrote to you as I journaled, before I even knew what your name meant:
    As I begin to write, I smile at the thought of your sweet face.You are the sweetest little baby, always happy and your smiles show off your dimples! God answered my (our) prayers; first that you were so healthy and happy, but I had asked God for a favor, you see.
    I asked, if it was ok with Him, that you would look
    like your Mommy, since your sweet sister Lily looked more like your Daddy. God must have agreed, you remind us so much of your Mommy as a baby, yet unique and beautiful in your own special ways. As a bonus, you even favor your sister alittle too!
    There is a great song your Mom picked out for you and Lily and I often danced to it before you were born, it talks about the angels dancing around you, and Gods kingdom coming to earth. After you were born, we just placed you in the middle of room and danced around you, like the song suggested, that even the angels were dancing around you rejoicing, as we did! Even your little cousin Lexi, who hears
    the song.. screams “Dakota’s song” and then we dance to it! You were loved, prayed for and danced
    for before you were even born.
    You are righteous as Psalms 103:17 declares so.
    As I was praying for you one day, praying about where you would live, the Lord gave me Isaiah
    44:3b, and assured me that wherever, you are blessed!
    What more could we ask for, you belong to Him,
    I love you,

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